Saturday, July 6, 2013

Things You May Not Know About Your Father --- Part 1

1. Father wants his children to have more opportunities than him.

2. Father wanted his children to be not dependent on anyone, and always in need of his presence.

3. Dad let you win the game when you were kid, but he did not want you to let him win when you are adult.

4. Mostly father is rare in the family photo album, because he always take the picture.

5. Dad started planning your life when he knew that your mother was pregnant, but once you were born, he began to make revisions.

6. Dad helps make your dreams come true and he could convince you to do impossible things, like swimming in the water once he let go.

7. Father may not know the answer of everything, but he helps you to look for it.

8. Father knows best how to swing high enough to get you excited but not scared.

9. Father would be very happy to buy food for you after he came home from work, even though he could not get part of the meal.