Friday, September 28, 2012

I am 100%

This is me... *blink*
Hair as black as a pile of dad's hair
and just as the hair loss *erm...*
My oval face just like dad
with wide forehead,
folds of eyelids,
as well as eyebrows and eyelashes,
but sadly my eyesight is not as clear as dad,
'cause mine is minus
while dad's is normal and very good *awesome!!*
My nose is not as sharp as dad's nose
My teeth are big and yellow like dad *yaiks*
and I have dad's smile and mom's smile *heheee*
My IQ and intelligence surely came from dad
and my brain must be as big as his brain
because my head show it *lol*
My shoulder just wide as like dad
and my height almost tall like dad
My skin is as white as dad's skin
and equally hairy bushy *gosh!!*
... even though I'm a lady *sigh*
Blood flow and the genetic in me
of course came from dad plus mom
Overall people can say "I'm like Dad"
that's me 100% *proud =)*