Monday, August 27, 2012

Frogs and Pigeons Story

The night was...
My dad told a similar story which is one of his favorite
Usually my dad would tell this same story to the new guy

But that night...
My father told me
When we all family sat down, had dinner, and ate fried frogs

My father told me as if I was the new guy
or as if he had never told it before to me
My dad was very excited to tell the story

That many years ago...
He was with his Hong Kong friends
They went to Bali Island

I've memorized the story from begin to end
and I'm about to say,
"Well ... you've told this story dozens of times to me".
But my dad's happy face made ​​me cancel it.

I felt that I should do is just shut up and listen.
Silence without cutting.
Listening to him not only in passing

My father then continue the story...
That in Bali they visited a restaurant.
At that time they were ordered pigeon menu

and after few hours waiting...
Instead of a waitress who came over, the dish did not come.
"I'm sorry sir, it has been a long wait, those pigeons are very hard, we didn't get them even just one", the waitress said.

My father and his friends chuckled of laughter to hear the waitress

"Do you want to replace with another menu?" asked the waiter confused and embarrassment

My father and his friends decided to order frogs
And in a short time the waitress served them with a number of very many frogs
A big plate full, lots of frogs stacked
Until they can not afford to spend

Whenever my dad told this story...
He was always laughing, it was a funny and silly experience in his life.

A few days later...
My father died while driving his car in a traffic accident.

How lucky I was...
Because I was sitting still and listening to my father.
So I will always have his smile and his happy face
for the last time...

In Indonesia, pigeons and frogs are common to eat