Friday, August 24, 2012

Father's Suitcase

My father had a suitcase
A place to store his valuables
We never know what's inside
Because we respect the privacy of my father
Besides, we also have to guess what would be the contents
Definitely my father's precious treasure such as certificates, land, bonds, birth, marriage, letters, etc.

After my father died
For the first time
Our whole family had to open dad's suitcase
We were thumping as it turns out the bag is much heavier than we thought
Should some certificate sheets was not as heavy as it

Slowly we put the suitcase
We have just seen that the suitcase has a code
So far, none of us were notified of our father's suitcase code
We've been worried about whether we will manage to open the suitcase while we do not know the code
On the upper side of suitcase there is a neat row of zeros
My eldest sister tried to open and found the suitcase was not locked
Apparently my dad was deliberately not put the code in it
"Unlocked!!" my sister exclaimed

Together we look to see the contents of the suitcase
And we all are have the same reaction
could not restrain emotion and tears
because it turns out the father suitcase contained of our photos
his wife's who is also our mother
his daughters who is my sisters and me
his son in law who is our husbands
and his grandchildrens

Oh ... Dad ... evidently we are your precious treasure
We were on top
More valuable than letters and certificates that are in the bottom of the stack
With our silly and ridiculous poses
We pictured with dad
We pictured as a whole family have lunch together
We pictured on vacation
We pictured with ducks and geese in the town park

Now, after our father died
when our family was not complete as before
Really felt that family is the most precious treasure
Whoever will not be able to replace
How much ever will not be able to afford
Whatever will not be able to measure the value
Howsoever will not be able to change the precious treasure,